Well-being & Resilience for Health Care Professionals

Description:Description: The National Academy of Medicine, through the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, argues that patient well-being is predicated on the clinician-patient relationship which will be highly influenced by the clinician’s own well-being in the clinical encounter. The research base points to organizational and practice environment factors (among others) on the system side […]

Overcoming Holiday Blues & To-Dos

Hosted by the Medical Society of DC's Women in Medicine Section Description: The holidays bring with them the expectation of joy and excitement. Yet, for many, they bring stress, loneliness, sadness, and even feelings of overwhelm.  And this year has the added layer of an almost two-year-long pandemic which has resulted in an unfathomable loss. […]

TeleMAT Part 1: Showcase of Tele-MAT Grantees: Lessons Learned From the Field

Description: The Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) awarded grants to local organizations to support new telehealth services for residents in Wards 7 and 8 as well as residents of homeless shelters and public housing developments. These projects connect patients to specialists using interactive audio, video, or other new technology. DHCF also awarded grants to […]

TeleMAT Part 2: Treating Addiction, Including MAT via Telehealth

What does your care team need to know? Description: Starting treatment for substance use disorders, like other medical and mental health conditions, requires close follow-up while stabilizing patients, followed by less frequent follow-up after stabilization. The frequency of visits can present an unnecessary barrier to getting care, which can be partially overcome by providing telehealth […]