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Motivational Interviewing Refresher: Using Open Ended Questions, Affirmations, Reflection & Summarizing (OARS) Skills to Strengthen Motivation to Change (Motivational Interviewing Series, Part 1)

Register Description: Join us for a two-part Motivational Interviewing practice series in early 2023. While many clinicians have had training in motivational interviewing (MI), these skills are best developed through continual practice opportunities. To that end, we have designed two refresher workshops that focus on the application of foundational MI in specific situations. The focus […]

Building Enhanced Referrals (Enhanced Referrals Series Part 1)

Register Description: Providers increasingly recognize the importance of providing whole person care to clients that address physical, behavioral health and social needs. No provider can do this alone - this requires building effective partnerships with other providers across the system. This webinar will provide strategies for organizations to build effective and collaborative partnerships and referral […]

Is a 20 Minute Consultation Realistic? (PCBH Series Part 8)

Register Description: In making the transition from practicing outpatient behavioral health to primary care behavioral health, clinicians often wonder how can I do my work in 20 minutes and is it really possible to make a meaningful difference in this amount of time? This training answers this question directly by simulating a 20-minute behavioral health […]

Quality Measurement Basics: And Why it Matters (Quality & Population Health Series, Part 1)

Register Description: Understanding, measuring, working to improve quality performance are critical to ensuring that patients have positive outcomes and providers are satisfied—they’re also critical to ensure your practice is meeting its regulatory requirements and maximizing payment opportunities. As the District of Columbia carves in behavioral health care to managed care arrangements and requires more providers […]

Guiding: Using Motivational Interviewing Skills to Guide Conversations (Motivational Interviewing Series, Part 2)

Register Description: There are three main approaches to helping people make a change, directing, following, and a middle-of-the-road approach of guiding. Motivational Interviewing (MI) promotes guiding as an approach to discovering and uncovering an individual’s motivations, concerns, values, and options. This refresher workshop will provide the opportunity to directly practice using MI skills to build […]