Program Webinar #5: Treatment of Patients with Opioid Use Disorder:  Understanding the Brain Changes of the Disorder

Overview: Understanding the brain chemistry associated with opioid use disorder treatment is essential. Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) restores depleted dopamine in the brain so people impacted by OUD can regain functioning. Recognizing this, therapy and support services for OUD are most effective when provided in accordance with a person's healing process and readiness to […]

Program Webinar #6: Addressing Health Equity and Providing Culturally & Linguistically Effective Services

Overview: During the webinar, the presenter will focus on ways to address health equity issues and key considerations for providing linguistically effective services. The presenter will discuss best practices and models to support patients in these challenging times. This session is approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians for up to 1 AMA Level […]

Program Webinar #7: Harm Reduction Basics and Lessons from the Field

Overview: People with substance use disorders are at particular risk for developing one or more primary conditions or chronic diseases. During this webinar, presenters will address strategies for managing chronic conditions and substance use disorders through low barrier care and access. This session is approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians for up to […]

Program Webinar #8: Effective Strategies to Enhance Transitions of Care for Justice-Involved Populations

Overview: This webinar will focus on effective strategies for engaging justice-involved populations and ways to support individuals transitioning to communities. The speakers will share case studies to illustrate the ways that providers have managed transitions of care and supported people. This session is approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians for up to 1 […]

Program Webinar #9: Using Disease Registries to Improve Your Practice Population’s Health

Overview: This session will focus on registries, a population health tool, and will address when and why to use them, particularly to support value-based care initiatives. Presenters will discuss an example of a depression registry as well as information on registry initiatives underway in DC. Speakers: Kima Joy Taylor, MD, MPH, Lori Raney, MD. Additional […]

Interactive Workshop: Telehealth in a Post-Pandemic Era: Sustainable Approaches to Support Integrated Care – Hosted by the Medical Society of the District of Columbia & the Integrated Care DC Program

Facilitator: Jean Glossa, MD, MBA, FACP Speaker(s): DCHF Representatives: Erin Holve, Director of Health Care Reform and Innovation Administration Eduarda Koch, Health IT Project Manager Gerald Wilson, Dir Division of Program Integrity, DHCF Provider Showcase & Panel Discussion: Dr. Zarfishan Zahid, Director of Clinical Operations, Medical Home Development Group Carrie Ojo, Director of Population Health, […]