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REV-UP DC: Revenue Cycle Management for Practice Transformation

DC Medicaid Behavioral Health providers can participate in the REV-UP DC program in three ways:

  1. Customized Training
  2. One-on-One
  3. Foundations of Revenue Cycle Training Courses

DC Medicaid Behavioral Health providers can take advantage of one, two or all three technical supports. Providers can select the support that best meets their need!

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REV-Up DC Program Focus

Focused Revenue Cycle Training

Common Revenue Cycle Management themes, issues or opportunities that are identified throughout our engagement with providers will be shared via:

  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Webinars
  • Q&As

To participate in the One-on-One Individualized Technical Assistance (Virtual or in-person visit) or schedule time to meet and ask one of our Coaches questions, fill out the form below, e-mail us at RevUpDC@wellcentricdc.com or call Netty Ghezai at (202) 378-0188.


REV-Up DC Program FAQs

What is customized training?
Customized training program is geared to answering individual provider specific questions and meeting their needs.
How do I ask questions?

You can ask your assigned Coach directly during any scheduled sessions, ask during a scheduled Foundations class or send a question via e-mail to RevUpDC@wellcentricdc.com.

Is the training on-going or only for a specific amount of time?
The training is available through March 31, 2022.
What is one-on-one?
One-on-one is direct communication with one of Rev-Up DC’s coaches about a practice. If the practice choses to participate in a one-on-one session, WellCentric DC will schedule a meeting or visit (remote meeting or in-person visit).
How does one-on-one assistance work?
This support is divided into three stages, pre-meeting data collection call, visit and post-meeting.
What is in the pre-meeting stage?

During the pre-meeting stage, the REV-Up team will work with a provider’s Point of Contact (POC) and talk about any written documents used to guide the capture of information to schedule, process claims and manage their revenue cycle.

Documents requested may include (if available):

  • Revenue Cycle Policies, Procedures and Process maps
  • Checklists
  • Payor contracts
  • Any Electronic Medical Records you may use & how they’re set-up
What happens during a visit?

The visit can be either in person or virtual.  The provider decides what works best for them. Each visit will include a Rev-Up DC specialist. The specialist will set the agenda, conduct any staff interviews and observe workflows to identify best practices, any barriers and opportunities for implementing practice improvements. A checklist will be used to capture information and it will be shared with the practice.

What is in the post visit stage?

The Specialist will compile and summarize the information obtained during the Pre-Meeting and Visit stages. The information will be used to develop a customized coaching and technical assistance plan that includes goals and objectives to track the practice’s progress. Over-the-shoulder support can also be scheduled virtually to optimize achievement of goals, grasping of concepts or review of documents.

What are the Foundations of Revenue Cycle Courses?

Foundations of Revenue Cycle Courses are three (3), 20-minute,  virtual training sessions that help with Integrated Care DC’s Managed Care roll-out. They are accessible to anyone.

The courses provide basic skills and knowledge needed to be successful in a Managed Care setting with Billing, Payments, and Accounts Receivable. The courses are:

Do I have to register for each training session?


If I don’t get into a course or can’t take the course during the scheduled time, will it be recorded and available online?

Yes, all training sessions will be recorded and available 24 hours after the live training.

Will I have an opportunity to ask questions during the training?


Can more than one person from a provider’s office register for a training?


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