CRISP DC – Consent Tool

CRISP DC is excited to share that patients may now consent to share their substance abuse disorder (SUD) data via the CRISP DC consent tool. This webinar will educate clinicians about the uses of the consent tool and how it can be used to improve care coordination throughout the District.

Understanding Cost of Care to Drive Value-Based Payment Arrangements – Cost of Care Part 3

Register Description: It is important for healthcare providers to understand the cost of the services they provide and compare that to reimbursement rates. In value-based care arrangements, they should also anticipate the impact of their care models on patient outcomes and resulting incentive payments. This information can inform decisions to modify existing care models and […]

Quality Improvement to Optimize Financial Outcomes – Cost of Care Part 4

Register Description: This webinar will explore the critical connection between the cost of healthcare services and quality outcomes. Attendees will gain the skills to identify a set of meaningful metrics to monitor that inform strategic opportunities to elevate the quality of care delivered. You will learn how quality and cost data empowers providers to benchmark […]