We help you create value through practice transformation and person-centered care.

We help you create value through practice transformation and person-centered care.

Understanding Value-Based Care & Value-Based Purchasing

Register Description: During this webinar, participants will be able to identify the foundations of value-based care and the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (HCPLAN or LAN) value-based payment (VBP) framework. The presentation will also include the Department of Health Care Finance’s VBP strategy. Speakers: Caitlin Thomas-Henkel, MSW (HMA) & DaShawn Groves, DrPH, MPH […]

Behavioral Health Consultation: Handling Behavioral Health Emergencies in Primary Care

Register Description: Managing emergencies is challenging in a high volume fast-paced environment. This webinar addresses the ways that BHCs and the primary care team can effectively and efficiently address emergencies. Speakers: Suzanne Daub, LCSW & Marsha Johnson, LCSW       Learning Objectives: Identify common psychiatric emergencies in primary care Describe crisis de-escalation approaches List […]

Achieving Better Outcomes Through Value-Based Care & Population Health Strategies

Register Description: During this webinar, presenters will discuss how proactive approaches to value-based care, including the use of VBP models, can improve individual and population health outcomes while enhancing efficiencies and reducing total cost. We will also feature AmeriHealth’s new care coordination dashboard focused on helping providers close car gaps and achieve better patient outcomes. […]

Allowing Data to Tell a Story: Relevant Metrics to Help Reflect the Infinite Values of Integrated Healthcare

Register Description: As healthcare centers around the country further embrace data and metrics, integrated primary care behavioral health programs must incorporate data to reflect the value of work being done. In this webinar, attendees will learn about primary data and metric points and the importance of ensuring that data tells a story and reflects the […]

Sustainable Trauma Treatment: How Accelerated Resolution Therapy Can be Utilized in a PCBH Setting to Effectively Treat Trauma

Register Description: Evidence-based modalities developed to treat trauma are commonplace in outpatient behavioral health practices, but we often struggle to adapt these therapies to the integrated care setting where brief intervention is common. In this session, we will present Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) as a useful tool for treating trauma in an integrated setting. Accelerated […]

Motivational Interviewing Refresher: Using Open Ended Questions, Affirmations, Reflection & Summarizing (OARS) Skills to Strengthen Motivation to Change (Motivational Interviewing Series, Part 1)

Register Description: Join us for a two-part Motivational Interviewing practice series in early 2023. While many clinicians have had training in motivational interviewing (MI), these skills are best developed through continual practice opportunities. To that end, we have designed two refresher workshops that focus on the application of foundational MI in specific situations. The focus […]

CRISP DC Webinar – Consent

Click here to learn more about this event. Register Featured Speakers Jamie Gittelman Corrine Jimenez Abby Lutz Elizabeth Mulugeta Joi Perry Francesca Charles Ashley Braswell Ronald Emeni

Is a 20-Minute Consultation Realistic? (PCBH Series Part 8)

Register Description: In making the transition from practicing outpatient behavioral health to primary care behavioral health, clinicians often wonder how can I do my work in 20 minutes and is it really possible to make a meaningful difference in this amount of time? This training answers this question directly by simulating a 20-minute behavioral health […]

Quality Measurement Basics: And Why it Matters (Quality & Population Health Series, Part 1)

Register Description: Understanding, measuring, working to improve quality performance are critical to ensuring that patients have positive outcomes and providers are satisfied—they’re also critical to ensure your practice is meeting its regulatory requirements and maximizing payment opportunities. As the District of Columbia carves in behavioral health care to managed care arrangements and requires more providers […]

Guiding: Using Motivational Interviewing Skills to Guide Conversations (Motivational Interviewing Series, Part 2)

Register Description: There are three main approaches to helping people make a change, directing, following, and a middle-of-the-road approach of guiding. Motivational Interviewing (MI) promotes guiding as an approach to discovering and uncovering an individual’s motivations, concerns, values, and options. This refresher workshop will provide the opportunity to directly practice using MI skills to build […]

Treatment Planning (Quality & Population Health Series, Part 2)

Register Description: We often think of the treatment plan as a document to complete. However, it can be a tool to engage and empower the person served in their own recovery process. In this interactive webinar we will learn the core components of the treatment planning process from a person-centered and engagement-focused lens. Speakers: Debbi […]

Addressing Grief in PCBH (PCBH Series Part 9)

Register Description: Loss and grief are common and often come up during primary care encounters. Grief can be caused by separations, incapacity, bereavement, migration, job loss, birth, retirement, or professional loss. One-third of people affected by loss can experience physical or mental health problems, such as increased risk of heart disease, suicide, psychosomatic disorders, and […]