Mayor’s Healthcare Workforce Task Force Recommendations

In September, Mayor Muriel Bowser and DC Health released the Report and Recommendations of the Mayor’s Healthcare Workforce Task Force. Mayor Bowser established the task force in May 2022 to provide detailed recommendations on how the District could rebuild, strengthen, and expand its healthcare workforce to address key challenges, including worker shortages and burnout. The task force’s six committees, comprised of public and private sector leaders from across the District with specialties in education, employment, healthcare, and government, made 26 recommendations aimed at creating equity and ensuring the long-term strength of the District’s healthcare workforce.

Integrated Care DC’s coaching and trainings enable practices to find creative solutions to their workforce challenges. Following a February 2022 webinar on how to mitigate workforce burnout and fatigue, we hosted a roundtable discussion with District providers in May 2022 on best practices for hiring and retaining an effective workforce. Additionally, Part 2 of the Value-Based Payment Series, presented in August 2023 by Medicaid Business Transformation DC, describes how payment reform can help address primary care workforce shortages.