Men’s Health Month: A Focus on Wellness in the District of Columbia

June is Men’s Health Month, a vital time to highlight men’s health challenges and to promote strategies for better physical and mental well-being, including early disease detection and treatment. Men often overlook regular health checkups and are less likely to seek medical advice early, leading to higher rates of severe health issues. In the District of Columbia, heart disease is the leading cause of death among men ages 15 years and over, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, followed by cancer and accidents or unintentional injuries, which include drug overdoses from the opioid epidemic.

As a DC Medicaid provider, you can help combat these issues by integrating primary care and behavioral health services to provide comprehensive care. Integrated Care DC offers tailored technical assistance and training for providers on collaborative care, motivational interviewing, telehealth, and other strategies you can use to encourage men to take control of their health through regular screenings, preventive care, and healthy lifestyle choices.

The George Washington University Hospital’s Health Tips for Men provides a summary of screening recommendations and potential health concerns for men at each stage of life. The National Institutes for Health’s Mind Your Risks® campaign offers information for black men on managing their risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and dementia.

Other available resources to help men manage their health include the DC Tobacco Quitline, which offers support for smoking cessation, a critical step in preventing many chronic diseases. Additionally, LIVE.LONG.DC., a one-stop hub for the District’s efforts to tackle the opioid crisis, includes resources for substance abuse and mental health support.