Community Wellness Ventures Integrates Data To Support Care

Community Wellness Ventures (CWV) believes mental health and wellness services are essential to the overall success of the larger society. It is why they have partnered with the District to address the needs of the “whole person,” including system approaches to mental health, aligning housing and employment resources, and addressing specific comprehensive needs of residents.

CWV is leveraging its cloud-based data system to share behavioral health data and gather patient data related to trauma, anxiety, depression, and overall general well-being. Integrated Care DC coaches supported developing a data plan to sync with developers, potential investors, and their comprehensive business plans. Coaches also helped CWV demonstrate value to Medicaid MCOs and better communicate with staff and contractors. The results of their AmeriHealth report card reinforced the focus of this work, as it identified the need for discharge and ER visit data for their clients.

In the future, CWV will work with CRISP DC to create the process of uploading their panel to CRISP from their data system.

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