Elevating Patient Care and Practice Success Through Quality Measurement and Improvement

Whether you are a provider preparing for the incorporation of behavioral health services into DC’s Medicaid managed care program, or already have experience with managed care and value-based payment arrangements, understanding how to define, measure, and improve quality is essential for success. Providing top-notch integrated care that delivers better outcomes requires an ongoing commitment to quality improvement. Measuring quality can also enhance your sustainability by demonstrating the value of your services.

Integrated Care DC engages practices in using tools and strategies for systematic quality improvement, including defining clear objectives and employing quality metrics to track progress. By June 2023, 72% of the 18 practice sites that had collaborated with an Integrated Care DC coach for at least six months enhanced their use of quality metrics for program improvement compared to their baseline assessment a year earlier.

Among the improvements the practices achieved: a reduced mental health services waiting list, a higher share of patients seen by behavioral health staff, integration of primary and behavioral health care via closed-loop referrals, and increased depression screening and follow-up (see our Practice Spotlight for details). Value-based performance metrics, such as follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness and depression remission, also improved.

Take the first step toward elevating your practice. Sign up today for a consultation with an Integrated Care DC coach, or email us at support@integratedcaredc.com to discuss how we can help. We also encourage you to view our resources on Why Quality Matters and Quality Measurement for Behavioral Health Providers and explore our Value-based Payment (VBP) Foundations Learning Series to find valuable training and tools that can benefit your practice.