Gerald Family Care & MindFlower Form Partnership To Integrate Behavioral Health Services Into Primary Care

Gerald Family Care is a primary care organization specializing in family practice and related medical services. They are deeply committed to integrating behavioral health services into primary care delivery through enhanced partnerships with behavioral health providers in the District.

Gerald Family Care recently developed a successful partnership with MindFlower Group, a telebehavioral health practice providing culture-specific, evidence-based care, particularly for Medicaid patients.

Leveraging coaching from  Integrated Care DC, a tailored Excel worksheet, and a secure site for sharing referral information, Gerald Family Care and MindFlower Group succeeded in developing a workflow for warm handoffs and ongoing reciprocal communication resulting in over 75 closed-loop referrals this year.

Key success factors include a strong commitment to reducing stigma, asking patients about mental health at every visit, and establishing a transparent communication process. When a patient is referred to MindFlower Group, Gerald Family Care prepares them for what to expect and with whom they will speak. The primary care provider expresses trust and confidence in the MindFlower Group clinicians. MindFlower Group responds to referrals within a business day, and MindFlower Group routinely communicates to Gerald Family Practice the status of each referral.

Given the success of this partnership, in 2023, Gerald Family Care plans to expand the number and types of partnerships, including practices specializing in the treatment of substance use disorder.

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