Hope 4 You’s Self Assessment Led to Better Services for Patients

Hope 4 You, LLC (H4Y) specializes in behavioral health services to Medicaid patients seeking to overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, and stress by providing convenient access to recovery-oriented treatment, services, and personal and professional development for youth and adults in Washington, DC, and beyond.

H4Y’s self-assessment contributed to a more effective work environment and culture, as well as better services and sensitivity to its patients and stakeholders affected by trauma.  In 2021, H4Y assessed its readiness to provide trauma-informed services. The findings revealed several eye-opening opportunities for policies, practices, and staff training revisions. H4Y created a new onboarding process for staff and volunteers to foster professional cultural standards of human decency, competency, trauma-informed care, and person-centered care.

Additionally, H4Y’s self-assessment helped them identify patients who experienced traumatic head injuries or spent time in foster care. It also enabled them to revise their childhood trauma questions and definitions in easy-to-understand terms for clinicians. These efforts have led to improved trauma screenings, assessment guides, and best practices for use in the future.

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