La Clínica del Pueblo’s New Training Program Improved Patient Care & Services

Since 1983, La Clínica del Pueblo (LCDP) has worked to address the distinct health needs of the Latino community in the District and nearby Prince George’s County, Maryland, through comprehensive primary medical care, mental health, and substance use treatment, medical interpretation, and language access advocacy.

Integrated Care DC provided technical assistance and resources to support LCDP’s work to develop a training program for new clinical skills, workflows with role accountabilities defined, and staffing patterns. It also provided evaluation support and a change management approach to foster team buy-in. Through this approach, LCDP was able to offer improved care and services to patients, and staff is more comfortable and better supported in their evolved patient-centered team-based roles.

Behavioral health team leaders say the Integrated Care DC team was supportive, flexible, resourceful, and highly effective in mentoring and guiding the process of expanding the integrated behavioral health services (IBHS).

LCDP’s behavioral health team now offers complete coverage of IBH (Integrated Behavioral Health) services, and their waiting list for mental health services decreased significantly. The team will continue working with the Integrated Care DC team to create a quality improvement plan to identify gaps in service delivery.

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