PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT: Integrated Care and Community Outreach: C3 Cares Sets New Standard in Whole-Person Healthcare

In the heart of the District, a new healthcare initiative is making waves. Driven by a fundamental belief that quality medical services should be accessible to all, Community Concierge Care (C3 Cares) is leading nurse-led healthcare efforts tailored to underserved communities. The provider is a new coaching site for Integrated Care DC.

At the core of C3 Cares’ mission are primary care providers charged with delivering comprehensive healthcare, including vital behavioral health services, across four public housing sites within the District. Under the guidance of board-certified family nurse practitioner, Dr. Erin Athey, C3 Cares provides easily accessible health screenings, education, and examinations to residents. Services span from care planning and vaccinations to COVID testing, chronic disease management, and telehealth.

Dr. Athey’s community work recently earned recognition through the Johnson & Johnson Quickfire Challenge award, underscoring the impact of C3 Cares’ efforts in enhancing healthcare accessibility.

In alignment with Integrated Care DC, C3 Cares takes a collaborative, holistic healthcare approach to its work. Efforts are underway to strengthen partnerships with behavioral health specialists and integrating a community health worker to drive outreach, awareness campaigns, and health education initiatives that address social determinants of health.