RAP Inc. Defines Care Model to Promote Quality and Demonstrate Value

The Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP Inc.) is a not-for-profit healthcare provider specializing in evidence-based interventions for treating substance use disorders (SUDs) and co-occurring mental illnesses.

The organization recently teamed up with Integrated Care DC coaches to develop a structured description of clinical services and key components of the RAP care model. The components include critical interventions during the first 14 days of care, integration of medical care, and strategies to reduce mental health symptoms.

As a result, RAP is now better able to maximize revenue capture opportunities, enhance quality, and articulate its newly developed model to managed care organizations (MCOs) as part of the upcoming behavioral health carve-in process.

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pie chart graphic showing primary and secondary SUD diagnosis data.

RAP Inc. Patients Served in Fiscal Year 2022. Courtesy of Rap Inc.