Decoding Healthcare Finances Understanding Costs And Indirect Allocation Strategies Cost of Care Part 2


Description: With the District of Columbia’s movement to a reimbursement system with services defined and paid through a procedure code, health care leadership must understand the costs that are directly provided and those that indirectly support the service. Methodologies used to allocate indirect cost will be identified, examined, and critiqued. This learning session will provide more underlying detail to the concepts put forth in the Determination of Cost for Provider Services and its Use in Managing the Business, presented on November 30, 2023. This session will provide key decision makers, financial analysts, and practice management staff with an understanding of the expenses encompassed within each cost component. The session will also provide education and a tool pertaining to the allocation of indirect costs and the significance of that allocation method given certain business situations.

Facilitators: Suzanne Daub, LCSW & Chuck Weis, MBA, CPA

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