Harm Reduction Series Session 2: Strategies to Save A Life & How To Use Them In Integrated Care Settings


Description: Health Management Associates invites you to join us for a lunch and learn workshop to learn more about Overdose Prevention and how to save a life in DC. In this interactive lunch and learn we will discuss DC’s Naloxone Distribution Program and the organizations currently providing Naloxone and provide:

  • an overview of DC’s Standing Order and Samaritan Law
  • an overview of the uses of opioids
  • information on how naloxone stops an overdose and provide information on the action steps to take to save a life and stop an overdose.

Where and how individuals can access naloxone, syringe services, and fentanyl test strips in DC.

Facilitators: Ana Bueno, Shannon Robinson, MD, & Sari Frankel, MPH (DC DBH)

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