Perinatal Substance Use: Everything You Wanted to Know


Description: Because many women and persons of childbearing age pregnant with SUD may not readily share information with providers and because pregnancy is a period where the motivation for change is extremely high, positioning providers to identify and care for this population has great potential for establishing a recovery path and changing lives. This webinar will review the risks and effects of SUD among women of childbearing age, pregnant and parenting persons and their affected infants, including screening and treatment considerations, breastfeeding decisions and ideal mechanisms for engagement and support of women and other pregnant persons on their recovery journey. We will also cover the short and long-term effects of SUD exposure on the infants, including non-pharmacologic alternative interventions and follow-up considerations.

Facilitators: Helen M. DuPlessis, MD, MPH (HMA) Shannon Robinson, MD (HMA) Juanita DeShazior, PhD-ABD, NCC, LCPC-S (Samaritan Inns)

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