Providers Responsibility in Managing Medical Conditions: Making Clinical Improvements & Meeting Quality Metrics


Description: What’s the link between pay for performance and healthy eating on a budget? What about the link between quality metrics and understanding nutrition labels? These are all related topics that providers and practices address every day! Care teams work 1:1 with patients to better manage their chronic diseases while at the same time, measuring and reporting outcomes that are related to payments and incentives. During this webinar, we will make the connection between patient engagement strategies and meeting quality metrics.  This webinar is designed for ALL AUDIENCES as everyone has a role in providing high-quality care- from the exam room to the boardroom.

Prior to the webinar, we invite you to view this short video “Bites on a Budget” created by HMA Senior Associate, Brandin Bowden, MSc., as he attempts to build a healthy dinner for under $5. In this #HealthyDinnerChallenge, Brandin puts on his nutrition educator hat to share healthful tips to help your patients and clients navigate the grocery store, increase nutrient intake and promote comfort in the kitchen.

Facilitators: Jean Glossa, MD, MBA, FACP Brandin Bowden, MS & Jodi Pekkala, MPH

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