Well-Being & Resilience for Health Care Professionals


Through the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, the National Academy of Medicine argues that patient well-being is predicated on the clinician-patient relationship. The clinician’s well-being will highly influence the clinical encounter. The research base points to organizational and practice environment factors (among others) on the system side of the equation and personal factors, skills and abilities, on the clinician side of the equation for optimal clinician resilience. The past two years of clinical teams working under extraordinary COVID-19 circumstances have taken a heavy toll on clinician resilience and well-being, not to mention on resulting quality and safety of care.

This presentation explores the National Academy of Medicine model, focusing on clinician factors in well-being. Together, in an experiential and participatory presentation, we will examine the areas of meaningful and sustaining practice and collaborative and mindful practice. Participants will leave this training with tangible tools to navigate resilience through mindfulness, gratitude, decreased cynicism and enhanced connectivity. This presentation is built on both humanities and deepened human connections between healers.

Speaker: Jeffrey Ring, Ph.D., Health Psychologist, Leadership Coach and Educator, Racism Dismantler.


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